"Inspiring our clients with the confidence, capability and consistency to become the market leaders in their field."

Mission – Justin Leigh


Justin has decades of experience in sales, leadership, training and coaching. Both on a one-to-one basis and with large international teams he provides organisations with the insight and tools they need to build resilient, high-performing people.
Justin’s work focuses on training Sales teams to become world class at Consultative Selling. When they learn the Prepare2 & INSPIRe models their performance, consistency and results take off.
Once team performance is on track Sales leaders can start coaching instead of directing their teams. Using the Plan2 COACH model helps Sales leaders to adopt a coaching leadership style. Taking a coaching approach increases team engagement, inspires greater confidence and personal development. Coaching leaders enjoy their work more and teams are more committed to a leader that coaches them, it creates a connection that lasts a lifetime.
Justin works with leaders and teams in many different industries including; Dental, Medical Devices, Financial Services, SaaS, Data Management, IT Security, IT Services and many more.
Justin’s best-selling book, ‘Inspire, Influence, Sell’, aims to address the huge skills gap many sales professionals and leaders suffer from, by teaching proven psychology, skills and systems to consultatively sell more effectively. The result, higher performance and faster growth.
Justin’s programs Inspire, Influence, Sell and Connect, Contract, Coach are among the best Sales & Leadership programs available in the marketplace today. If you’d like to know more, you can connect or contact Justin.

Our aim is to inspire our clients with the confidence, capability and consistency to become the market-leaders in their field.