We’re a training & coaching company specialising in B2B Consultative Selling and using Coaching as a Sales Leadership Superpower.


If you’re a professional, you may be ‘put off’ by the term selling. I know I was before I understood what ‘true consultative selling’ is.
Very often it’s because we have a preconceived idea of what ‘selling’ is, or it’s because we’ve had our own bad experience with a poor salesperson. Maybe it was when we were buying a car, or a house, or a holiday and we felt pressurised by the salesperson. THAT is not consultative selling. That is untrained, ill-timed, inappropriate pitching.
Change, evolution and progress is needed to succeed in the future, and we ready to support you, your team and your organisation all the way. Whether you are a dental professional serving patients or someone who manages teams of people supplying the industry, we’re ready to help

Selling is serving

You’re helping your patients get what they really they need, and you’re ensuring they choose you to provide it for them. You should be establishing a foundation that is ethical, honest and about serving your patient to ensure their desires, wants and needs are met fully.
It’s not possible to do this without ‘consulting’ with the patient. Let’s look at the steps:
  • Connecting with the patient, establishing trust.
  • Sharing your insights, knowledge and experience.
  • Asking them questions about their needs, wants, desires, fears and priorities.
  • Helping them understand the available options and which of them might be most suitable.
  • Addressing any concerns or reservations in an objective, calm and relaxed manner.
  • Clearly explaining the patient pathways, the timing and the investment theywould like to make in their future oral health.
Does this sound like selling? Perhaps it doesn’t and when you follow these steps (and the INSPIRe system) then it won’t feel like selling.
But your patient will feel a connection, an understanding and an experience like they’ve never had before.
We specialise in running structured consultative sales and leadership coaching programs based on the principles from the bestselling book INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL.

Our aim is to inspire our clients with the confidence, capability and consistency to become the market-leaders in their field.